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Could a computer have a soul? Why not? says MARVIN MINSKY, 2014 laureate. As to the societal repercussions of AI, he claims Things are going to change alright, and the more people think about it, the better chance that the changes will be good.

"Somewhere down the line, some computers will become more intelligent than most people.

If you left a computer by itself, or a community of them together, they would try to figure out where they came from and what they are. If they came across a book about computer science they would laugh and say “that can’t be right.” And then you’d have different groups of computers with different ideas.

... there will always be some people who don’t like the idea of a limited lifespan, so you have the prospect of being able to take your brain and recode it and jump into a computer and live for 1,000 years instead of 100."

Read the Jerusalem Post interview, May 13, 2014